Title Director Year
I Am a Sex Addict Caveh Zahedi 2006
I Am Sam Jessie Nelson 2001
I Am Not Your Negro Raoul Peck 2016
I Am the Cheese Robert Jiras 1983
I Declare War Jason Lapeyre, Robert Wilson 2012
I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale Richard Shepard 2010
I Know What You Did Last Summer Jim Gillespie 1997
I Know Who Killed Me Chris Sivertson 2007
I Like It Like That Darnell Martin 1994
I Love You, Daddy Louis C.K. 2017
I Love You to Death Lawrence Kasdan 1990
I, Robot Alex Proyas 2004
I Shot Andy Warhol Mary Harron 1996
I Spit On Your Grave Meir Zarchi 1978
I Stand Alone Gaspar Noe 1999
I, Tonya Craig Gillespie 2017
Iceman Fred Schepisi 1984
I'm Not There Todd Haynes 2007
I'm the One That I Want Lionel Coleman 2000
I've Heard the Mermaids Singing Patricia Rozema 1988
Ice Age Chris Wedge 2002
The Ice Harvest Harold Ramis 2005
The Ice Storm Ang Lee 1997
Ichi the Killer Takashi Miike 2002
Identity James Mangold 2003
The Ides of March George Clooney 2011
Idiocracy Mike Judge 2006
If.... Lindsay Anderson 1968
If Lucy Fell Eric Schaeffer 1996
Igby Goes Down Burr Steers 2002
The Illusionist Sylvain Chomet 2010
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS Don Edmonds 1974
The Impossible Juan Antonio Bayona 2012
In & Out Frank Oz 1997
In Bruges Martin McDonagh 2008
In Dreams Neil Jordan 1999
In Love and War Richard Attenborough 1996
In the Company Of Men Neil LaBute 1997
In the Cut Jane Campion 2003
In the Line of Fire Wolfgang Petersen 1993
In the Mouth of Madness John Carpenter 1995
In the Name of the Father Jim Sheridan 1993
In the Realm of the Senses Nagisa Oshima 1976
Inception Christopher Nolan 2010
An Inconvenient Truth Davis Guggenheim 2006
The Incredible Hulk Kenneth Johnson 1977
The Incredible Hulk Louis Laterriere 2008
The Incredible Melting Man William Sachs 1978
The Incredible Shrinking Man Jack Arnold 1957
The Incredible Shrinking Woman Joel Schumacher 1981
The Incredibles Brad Bird 2004
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love Maria Maggenti 1995
Indecent Proposal Adrian Lyne 1993
Independence Day Roland Emmerich 1996
The Indian Runner Sean Penn 1991
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Steven Spielberg 2008
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Steven Spielberg 1989
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Steven Spielberg 1984
Industrial Symphony No. 1 David Lynch 1989
Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino 2009
Inherent Vice Paul Thomas Anderson 2014
Inland Empire David Lynch 2006
Innocent Blood John Landis 1992
Inserts John Byrum 1975
Inside Llewyn Davis Joel and Ethan Coen 2013
Inside Man Spike Lee 2006
The Insider Michael Mann 1999
Insomnia Christopher Nolan 2002
Instinct Jon Turteltaub 1999
The Interpreter Sydney Pollack 2005
Interstellar Christopher Nolan 2014
Interview with the Vampire Neil Jordan 1994
Intolerable Cruelty Joel and Ethan Coen 2003
Invaders from Mars William Cameron Menzies 1953
Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster Wilson Yip 2010
The Iron Giant Brad Bird 1999
The Iron Lady Phyllida Lloyd 2011
Iron Man Jon Favreau 2008
Iron Man 2 Jon Favreau 2010
Iron Man 3 Shane Black 2013
Irreversible Gaspar Noe 2003
Ishtar Elaine May 1987
The Island Michael Bay 2005
The Island of Dr. Moreau John Frankenheimer 1996
Island of Lost Souls Erle C. Kenton 1933
Isle of Dogs Wes Anderson 2018
Isle of the Dead Mark Robson 1945
It Tommy Lee Wallace 1990
It Came from Hollywood Malcolm Leo, Andrew Solt 1982
It Follows David Robert Mitchell 2014
It! The Terror from Beyond Space Edward L. Cahn 1958
The Italian Job F. Gary Gray 2003